Our commitment to quality and service goes full circle! Exeter as an institution participates in a variety of causes with strong attention toward children's charitable activities. Past & ongoing activities include:

  • Jonathan's Place:
        Provided transportation for displaced children as we have done several times in the past. Received surprise review, Thanx Lindsay! :)

  • The Harkness Institute:
        Ongoing web support & copywriting for public relations outreach. Harkness is an advanced, academically reknown school for exceptional students, most of whom are there on scholarship. Website The Harkness Institute

  • Meals on Wheels:
        Providing scheduled meal delivery, financial support (M.O.W.), and hotshot drops for persons incapacitated due to recent surgery/hospital stays, as well as semi-permanent to permanent recipients in the Plano area for whom cooking or otherwise providing sustenance for themselves is no longer possible. Meals on Wheels serves hot, freshly prepared nutritious meals to scores of recipients right here in our own neighborhoods 5 days a week, and prepares weekend packs as well. The primary goal of this organization is to combat isolation and promote health, dignity and independence by providing meals for individuals who are homebound, unable to prepare their own meals and are nutritionally at risk. This service is provided entirely without consideration to economic status and is totally free. Website Meals on Wheels If you are interested in supporting this program, you may download brochure materials here: Brochure Front | Brochure Inner | Insert Side 1 | Insert Side 2.

  • Boy Scouts of America / The Iraqi Boy Scout Project:
        Former owner John Moss served as a local cubmaster and also at one point as director for the State of Texas for the Iraqi Boy Scout project, which was our effort to introduce the intrinsic ideals of scouting to young Iraqis. Directorship was for fundraising to buy uniforms, materials, & training for onsite program leaders.

  • Blindness Education, Screening, and Treatment Program
        The DARS DBS Program provides financial assistance to persons uninsured for urgently needed eye-medical treatment. The intent of project is to prevent blindness through early treatment.

  • Glenda Dawson-Donate Life
        Provides logistical and financial resources for registry maintenance and distribution of life-saving organ donations to recipients. There is a critical shortage of organs, tissues and eyes available for donation. There are more than 113,000 patients in the United States on waiting lists. We support this organization through license renewal donations and encouraging others to join the organ donation program as we have. Read more here: Donate Life

  • Fund for Veterans' Assistance
        The FVA distributes reimbursement grants in an award basis to charitable organizations, local government agencies, and Veterans Service Organizations that provide direct services to Veterans and their families.

  • The Colon Cancer Alliance:
        In love and memory of Lisa Wilson Moss, wife of former owner John Moss, John is seated on the planning committee for the annual DFW UNDY RUN 5K to promote screening awareness. Screening for cancer via colonoscopy is 100% effective in stopping colon cancer dead in it's tracks. Learn more about Colon Cancer Prevention and sign up for our 5K at the Colon Cancer Alliance. GET SCREENED!

  • Industry Memberships & Positions:
        Dallas Limousine Association - Board of Directors - 5 years. DFW Limo Association National Limousine Association - member. NLA

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